Dexter H. Virgo

      Dexter was born and raised in the Caribbean. At a young age, he developed a passion for photography which was influenced by the warm sensation of the Caribbean’s beauty. The only way to truly express his love for photography at the time was to put pencil to paper.

As time progresses, Dexter began to get involve with photography by using a smart phone camera to capture images. His pictures were stunning, and everyone know he had a gift of capturing beauty through the lens of a camera. At this time he still knew very little about photography and editing, so through self taught, he slowly perfected his skills of editing and creating the perfect photos.

Dexter realized this was truly a gift and it was a great way of expressing his love for Art so he decided to invest in his first camera. From this point he decided to do what he love professionally. Through his dedication to be the best, he has learned a lot about the photography industry, from the techniques to its competitiveness. Dexter decided to go after what he loved with passion, he has also studied graphic design and web design so that he is able to assist his clients with multiple projects at once.

Dexter is now working full time as a photographer assisting the life of celebrities, high school and college athletes, event planners, restaurant owners, real estate companies and realtors, and entrepreneurs. His love for photography shows in all of his work and even though he is fully aware that there are many great photographers, today he considers himself to be one of the best.

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